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Day 31: The New Forever

Monday the 31st day of January 2011

The last day of the first month of the New Year.  At midnight newness turns into February. Another year proceeds with or without our permission.

During January’s 31 days we, a people belonging to one country, were wounded by a man’s internal demons that erupted into a public violence.  His gun’s bullets brought death and disability, misunderstanding and sorrow. Tucson, Arizona is a place of beauty awash with colors provided by its natural palette. A part of the sheltering Southwest, the landscape and terrain do not suggest the imminent disruption of life. Reality does that — it surprises us individually and communally. Our daily lives are interrupted again and again.  We turn around to find dreams transformed into nightmares. Continue reading



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Day 8

A new series of weekly impressions from Alida Brill.

January 8, 2011 at 12:29am

On the 8th Day of the New Year. . .

Today I have been wondering what would happen if we made a set of communal resolutions: to stop gossiping about others, to stop talking behind the backs of friends or former friends, to stop spreading rumors or telling hurtful things, even if true, to stop being jealous of anything or anyone. And instead gave everyone the benefit of the doubt even if they annoy us or displease us. And if we chose to assume the best not the worst in those we know and those we have only now met. How much energy would be left in our days and in our bodies to do good work? I’m thinking about feeling the empowerment that comes with the task of being the best we can be, instead of feeling the fatigue that results from judging others.

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