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Day 44: Burning Freedom

14 February 2011

The 44th Day of 2011:
The Lifecycle of Freedom and the Power of Words

On the 11th day of February. . . last Friday. . . after 18 days of a determined, often angry, but consistently peaceful massive resistance and protest. . . Egypt was liberated from dictatorship.  The modern day Pharaoh, President Mubarak resigned.  The message delivered by his vice president announcing Mubarak would finally step down after a 30-year rule over the people. . . took about 30 seconds to announce. Continue reading



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Day 38: Mothers and Memories

The 38th Day of 2011

Mothers and Memories

The 4th of February was the second anniversary of my mother’s death.  It was the fifth anniversary of the death of Betty Friedan, a founding mother of the modern Feminist movement, and author of The Feminine Mystique. Change was in the air as her book was published. Many women like my mother read her words. And new conversations began.  My mother and her friends began to talk about and do things not before imagined in my childhood suburban town. Friedan didn’t get it all correct; she didn’t know everything.  She wrote what she knew and observed in her peers.  She changed the lives of women who then changed the ways in which they talked to their daughters. Continue reading


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Day 31: The New Forever

Monday the 31st day of January 2011

The last day of the first month of the New Year.  At midnight newness turns into February. Another year proceeds with or without our permission.

During January’s 31 days we, a people belonging to one country, were wounded by a man’s internal demons that erupted into a public violence.  His gun’s bullets brought death and disability, misunderstanding and sorrow. Tucson, Arizona is a place of beauty awash with colors provided by its natural palette. A part of the sheltering Southwest, the landscape and terrain do not suggest the imminent disruption of life. Reality does that — it surprises us individually and communally. Our daily lives are interrupted again and again.  We turn around to find dreams transformed into nightmares. Continue reading


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Day 15

A new series of weekly impressions from Alida Brill.

January 15, 2011 at 12:29am

On the 15th Day of the New Year. . .

A week ago in Tucson It took about 15 seconds to kill, disable and destroy.Far less time than it takes to remind others of your belief in them, your loyalty, your compassion, friendship, love. I’m going to take time this week — as a part of healing– to see what I can say in 15 seconds.

Photo Credit: Katie Bamberger

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